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As the First Author


  • Gunawan,, Effendi, F., Tsujita, Y., & Hisaya, O. (2024). Caring across borders: Indonesian care worker experiences of working in Japan.International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care. 
  • Gunawan, J. (2024). ‘Feel shame and afraid to be judged by others’: The need for promoting academic honesty in chatbot-facilitated writing. Journal of Nursing Scholarship.




  • Gunawan, J., Marzilli, C., & Aungsuroch, Y. (2021). Establishing appropriate sample size for developing and validating a questionnaire in nursing research. Belitung Nursing Journal, 7(5), 356-360. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J., Aungsuroch, Y., & Fisher, M. L. (2021). Nurse education today: Between teaching and publication focus. Belitung Nursing Journal7(4), 262-266. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J., Aungsuroch, Y., Marzilli, C. Fisher, M. L., Nazliansyah., & Sukarna, A. (2021). A phenomenological study of lived experience of nurses in the battle of COVID-19 in Indonesia. Nursing Outlook, 69(4), 652-659.
  • Gunawan, J., Aungsuroch, Y., Fisher, M. L., & McDaniel, A. M. (2021). Gender and managerial competence: A comparison of male and female first-line nurse managers in Indonesia. Frontiers of Nursing, 8(1), 49-58. [Free Download]






  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Public health leadership: the need for Indonesia. Public Health of Indonesia2(4), 191-192. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). The pros and cons of the relationship between personality and leadership or managerial behavior of nursing manager. Belitung Nursing Journal2(5), 107-109. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). What is the central unifying focus in nursing. Belitung Nursing Journal2(4), 70-72. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Understanding culture in higher education in Thailand. Education for Health29(2), 160. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Generation Y nurse: what do I need in the workplace? Belitung Nursing Journal2(3), 44-46. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Diploma nurse: A player or a spectator in ASEAN mutual recognition arrangement. Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences4(1), 157-157. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Public health professionals and nurses in Indonesia: Are we partners? Public Health of Indonesia2(2), 112-113. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Nurse: Am I a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method researcher? Belitung Nursing Journal2(2), 25-26. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J., & Wahab, N. A. (2016). Health tourism in Belitung Indonesia: A swot analysis. Belitung Nursing Journal2(2), 27-30. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Public health tourism in Indonesia. Is it possible? Public Health of Indonesia2(1), 38-39. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Unequal distribution of nurses in Indonesia: a perspective from a nurse. Belitung Nursing Journal2(1), 8-9. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Is it bachelor of nursing, bachelor of nursing science, or bachelor of science in nursing? International Journal of Advanced Medical and Health Research3(1), 44. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Thailand medical tourism and ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA): treat or promise. International Journal of Innovation in Medical Education and Research2(1). [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2016). Electronic health records in nursing practice: a concept analysis. International Journal of Innovations in Medical Education and Research2(1), 5-8. [Free Download]


  • Gunawan, J. (2015). Authorship: What public health scholars need to know. Public Health of Indonesia1(2). [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2015). Ensuring trustworthiness in qualitative research. Belitung Nursing Journal1(1), 10-11. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2015). Ethics versus the nature of qualitative research. Belitung Nursing Journal1(1), 8-9. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J., Wahab, N. A., & Elmiati, E. (2015). Concerns in qualitative research and nursing science. Belitung Nursing Journal1(1), 4-7. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2015). Qualitative online interview in nursing: concerns and questions. Belitung Nursing Journal1(1), 1-3. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J., & Aungsuroch, Y. (2015). Indonesia health care system and ASEAN economic community. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences3(7), 1571-1577. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J., Somantri, I., Amrullah, A. (2015). Factors Inhibiting the Implementation of Professional Nursing Practice Model (PNPM) In General Hospital of Belitung, Indonesia. International Journal of Health Sciences & Research, 5(5): 284-290. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J., & Aungsuroch, Y. (2015). ASEAN mutual recognition arrangement for Indonesian nurses: is it a promise. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health2(2), 77-80. [Free Download]
  • Gunawan, J. (2015) Bringing Nursing Theories into practice: If not Nurses, Who else? International Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (IJHRS), 4(3), 201-202. [Free Download]


Collaborative articles




Assignment Papers

The papers below were developed as parts of assignments during my education in 2013. For citation purpose, you can write: Gunawan, J. (2013). Title of the paper. Retrieved from

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