Archive 2022: ‘Slow Life’

I consider 2022 a very slow year. Its parameter is measured by my passion for article publication. Every month in the last seven years, I set myself to write an article as a mandatory; the goal was to increase the existence and build my reputation in the scientific world. But now, the saturation point appears, maybe because the environment is no longer supported; to be more precise, it is less appreciative. But that’s it. Being an outsider is the life that I was set for a couple of years. Move on next year? Let’s see.

This year is also the second time I have been included in the World’s Top 2% Scientists list based on Elsevier & Stanford University. This is the result of the past 7 years as well. It is also something to be grateful for. Furthermore, there were several invitations from several universities, both national and international, as a scientific speaker, especially related to publications, journal management, and technological competencies. Alhamdulillah.

And at the end of this year, unexpected luck came when an organization invited me to Japan to collect research data on Indonesian caregivers and nurses in Japan. There was one moment when I interviewed one of the nurses there. She said, “whatever the job or anywhere you work is the same, as long as we can be close to God, that’s more than enough.” So that’s just a gentle reminder not to complain about anything. Another part is that their Japanese language proficiency is amazing. I just feel proud to be Indonesian. The picture below is just the example of the data collection process.

The video in Japan can be seen at the following video.

The C2F requirement has been filled, and Belitung Nursing Journal is still on its way to being ranked Q1. However, I am working my best to make it come true. In addition, a new journal, the Journal of Healthcare Administration (JOHA), was born this year, and I will ensure it will be indexed in Scopus and WOS as soon as possible.

May we always be healthy and always be “learning human.” Continue playing football khrub.

Thank you, 2022!

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