I was born in Tanjungpandan Bangka Belitung, Indonesia where I lived for most of my life with a warm and supporting family, and city which provided me with a sound education and opportunities for personal growth.

Since my earliest school days, I have been interested in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, a search inspired by my parents and enhanced by my teachers. It has stayed with me into adult life, and I now find myself realizing the importance and beauty of ideas and principles. Therefore, my aim is to develop this approach to live and share it with others through everything I do.

As the man who stays in the land of where i was born, to build and develop this Belitung island is a must. Looking at many phenomena and challenges such as the increasing number of jobless people, low of health status, and higher various diseases makes me need to do a great effort to help the government to solve these phenomena. On the other hand, hopefully, my intention could inspire other men of this island to do what I do, or even more.


Call me Dr. Gunawan