I was born in Tanjungpandan, Bangka Belitung, Indonesia, where I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by a supportive family and a city that offered me a solid education and chances to grow personally.

Since my early school days, I’ve been on a quest for knowledge and truth, fueled by my parents’ inspiration and my teachers’ guidance. This pursuit has continued into my adult life, leading me to recognize the significance and beauty of ideas and principles. Consequently, my goal is to adopt and share this approach in everything I do.

Being someone rooted in my hometown, I feel a duty to contribute to the development of this island, whether from within or outside. The various challenges, like rising unemployment, poor health, and increased diseases, motivate me to exert effort in helping the government address these issues.

Although I may not be a part of the government, my passion lies in conducting research. Therefore, my expertise could lie in providing evidence-based practice and evidence-based policy.

Ultimately, I hope my intentions inspire others in this island community to follow a similar path or even exceed my efforts.


Call me Dr. Gunawan