Time is running so fast. We can’t stop it even just slow it down. The year of 2015 will be the memory soon. And it has been 2 years i spend my life here in Bangkok Thailand. Well, there have been so many things happening in this year. The feeling of happiness, sad are mixed together.

Oh dear 2015, thanks for being a good year for me. And thank God to give me a good health to have such great activities:

Faculty Activities

1. In the area of the activities of Faculty of Nursing, Chulalongkorn University. I was trying to facilitate School of Nursing Gadjah Mada University and Faculty of Nursing, Chulalongkorn University to make MoU. The first step was International Joint Conference in Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta Indonesia on 24-25 August 2015. It was a good start to bridge the collaboration between Indonesia and Thailand.

2. This year also brought me to be Research Assistant in the research project of Chulalongkorn University entitled “Opportunities and Challenges of Asean Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Nursing Services in Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore” under the principle investigators; Professor Patcharawalai Wongboonsin and Associate Professor Yupin Aungsuroch.

3. There have been 3 publications in International Journal with my advisor this year

4. This AEC project/focus however had been expanded to Cambodia this year (December 2015), and Phillippine as soon as possible under Associate Professor Yupin Aungsuroch as principle investigator.


5. This month December 2015, I had a great chance to learn from the Expert: Professor Josefina Tuazon in Facultyof Nursing, Chulalongkorn University


Outside the faculty activities, there were many good things happening in my life:

a. In this year, I met great friends, especially Mr. Ramadhan Tosepu. I learnt from him how to write manuscripts and publish to International journal. Then we started competing each other since March 2015 trying to publish articles, one month one article. The result could be seen in Google Scholar account

b. From him, I also learnt how to do a good thing for society, making a foundation. Belitung Raya Foundation is a result

c. During studying in Thailand, I had been invited to be A Guest Speaker in Police General Hospital, Siam University on 27 March 2015 to discuss about Indonesia Health Care System and ASEAN Economic Community.

d. The good thing didn’t just stop there, I was also invited to be A Guest Speaker in my hometown in Nursing Talkshow on 1 August 2015 as well as conducting research project in there; and A guest Lecturer in Academy of Nursing of Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia on 20 November 2015. There is no a great thing than sharing knowledge to others.


e. Again, with Mr. Ramadhan Tosepu, we think ahead for the future. In Chayen time we discuss about journal provider. As a result Belitung Nursing Journal and Public Health of Indonesia exist. Now it’s in the process of accreditation by Directorat General of Higher Education Indonesia

Beside the nursing focus, I also did not forget about my hobby with the computer. This year also gives me a chance to design website of IAKMI SULTRASTIKBAR, and PHI. This month (December 2015), on the other hand, Decky and I design and develop the web based system for the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Thailand

Alhamdulillahirobilalamin…Hopefully next year will have good chances to advance the knowledge, help others, and achieve the target for me and faculty

Bye 2015, Welcome 2016

Please Wish me complete my study as soon as possible, and the most important is to find the real candidate of my wife
Thank you.