In the blink of an eye, it’s gone. What ever happens in 2017, will just stay in 2017. There is no way back, it’s just the memories between you and this earth. However, those memories teach you to upgrade or just walk in the same place.

This is my third archive while I am staying in the land of smile (Bangkok) while drinking Chayen. Nothing much, it’s just for my self-report. But Prof. Lin Perry said different thing, “What we say, what we report, and what we do are largely available to public scrutiny, and publicity and publication are the life blood of this world. Not for nothing has this world been described as one of “publish or perish”. What we publish can matter enormously for personal reputation, curriculum vitae, and promotion prospects but also for the wider world: for development of fields of knowledge that literally change the world”. And supported by Mark Zuckerberg stated, “It’s really good to be idealistic, but be prepared to be misunderstood. Anyone working in a big vision gonna get called crazy, even if you are under pride. Anyone taking initiative will always get criticized for moving too fast, because there is always someone who wants to slow you down”.


1. 3rd January
That’s my first paper published in ISI Web of Science entitled “Managerial Competence of First-Line Nurse Managers: A Concept Analysis”. Quite satisfied after dealing with so many rejections.

2. 18th January
Just a humble article in Post Belitung, as a lesson learned I got from Viet Nam

3. 24th January
Yeah starting research project in Khon Kaen university and hospital.


4. 25th January
Continue research project in Burapha University


5. 26th January
Another research project in Phuket Hospital


6. 21st -22nd February
Being a Guest Speaker for “Writing for Publication”. Thanks to Doni and Anantalia for a great chance.


7. 30th March
Just a humble Letter to Editor in Berita Muslim magazine


29th april – 1st May
Another research project in Malaysia


1st April
The 3rd ChatUp Language Café to share any kind of knowledge


13rd -16th May in Yangon Myanmar
Expanding research project in Yangon Myanmar


8th – 11th May
Expanding research project in the University of Health Sciences, Lao PDR

20th -24th May
My younger sisters came to Bangkok. Of course I did everything as a good brother


8th June
A bit sharing about how to take care of our health during fasting month (Ramadhan)


21st July
Data collection for research in RS Cipto Mangunkusumo


19th July
Again, data collection and a bit teaching in Gadjah Mada University and RSUP Dr. Sardjito


11th August
Getting lost, it’s all because of AGODA. Trying for shooting in Trans 7 Rumah Uya

5th August
“Me” time for writing the book. Buku Saku METODOLOGI PENELITIAN KESEHATAN : Pedoman perumusan masalah penelitian untuk mahasiswa keperawatan dan kebidanan


8th September
Between Faculty of Nursing Chulalongkorn University Thailand & Nagoya University Japan. Enough for today’s presentation.


27th -29th September
Data collection in Bali and being invited by Ministry of Education of Indonesia for selected journal managers


24th -26th September
Expanding networking in Brunei Darussalam Pengiran Anak Puteri Rashidah Sa’adatul Bolkiah, Institute of Health Science Universiti Brunei Darussalam


21st October
Representative of all PhD students in International Nursing Research Conference 2017 by Thai Nursing Council


8th -11th October
Expanding networking in Singapore, Tan Tock Seng Hospital


1st November
Being invited to be a speaker for “Writing for publication” in Mojokerto


9th November 2017
Research Presentation for data collection in RS. Gatot Subroto


17th November 2017
Another paper accepted in ISI Web of Science entitled “Factors contributing to managerial competence of first-line nurse managers: A systematic review”

December is just publishing articles in Pubmed and DOAJ


Dear 2018, I am ready for you

Joko Gunawan