Time flies whether you are wasting it or not, but not the memories. This 2016 was a very good year for me. I just spent my great times with families, friends, professors, especially my advisor Prof. Yupin Aungsuroch. This archive is just to keep the memories and track records for myself.


  • On 22-25 December 2016 – I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with my Professor. Dr. Yupin Aungsuroch for conducting research collaboration with Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

    On 10-11 December 2016 – Try to help my country through Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok

    On 7-20 December – Having good times with Prof. Josefina Tuazon. I learned a lot from her.


    On 19 November – 8 December – Having great times with my Co-Advisor Prof. Mary L. Fisher. Smart, Relax, and Focus
    On 25 November, Phuket – Launching SAWADI, Sistem Wajib Lapor Diri Berbasis Android.

    On 11 November – Went to Assumption University for interview participants in the research project

    On 7 November – just published the Book of ASEAN after waiting for one year


    On 2-4 November – Went to Nagoya Japan with my Professor Yupin Aungsuroch to present a part of our works and enhance another collaboration


    On 8-11 October – Went to the Philippines to conduct another research project with my professor again


    On 22-26 September – Went to Cambodia for research project

    On 19-22 September – Went to Yogyakarta for another research project

    On 14 september – An honor to be a representative of PhD program Faculty of Nursing Chulalongkorn University in Doctoral Student’s forum at Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society Phi Omega Chapter at-Large

    Chat Up Meeting


    On 24 Agustus – one paper published indexed by SCOPUS, Pubmed entitled Understanding Culture in higher education in Thailand.
    On 13 Agustus – Chayen 3 book was established


      • On 13 July – My humble opinion in Pos Belitung in my hometown,

mengintip kebiasaan masyarakat Thailand dalam membuang sampah

      • On 19 July – One paper published in Public Health of Indonesia –

Authorship: What public health scholars need to know

      • On 19 July – Another opinion in Pos Belitung,

Jangan lupakan masyarakat ekonomi asean: Perlunya penerapan pendidikan bilingual di sekolah


    On 17 June – One book published – potret keperawatan di Belitung.


    On 10-16 May – on behalf of the Dean and my Professor in SEAMEO


    On 14 May – became a moderator in 4th aasic


    On 10 May – Chayen 2 book was published


      • On 30 April – A humble opinion in Pos Belitung,

peluang pariwisata kesehatan di BelitungOn 22 April – Launching SAWADI web

      • On 18 April – become speaker in Royal Thai Army about supreme health service


        • On 13 April – A Letter to the Editor of Jakarta post:

Election and process of change

      • On 3 April – One article was published in Biz forum pariwisata



    On 16 March – One book English for beginner was published


    On March -September – An English teacher for intensive course in my Faculty of Nursing, Chulalongkorn University



    • On 25 February – Chayen 1 book was published



      • On 26 January – A letter to editor of Jakarta post:

English as asean language

      • On 20 january – One article in TribunNews:

perawat bukanlah pembantu dokter

      • On 18 january – One article in TribunNews:

mengenal lebih dekat masyarakat ekonomi asean


All the good things in my life were just happened because of the God, the pray from my families, good friends, and my great Advisors for sure. I wish all of them have a good health, long live, and happiness. Good by for now 2016 and welcome 2017. Thanks for being a good year.