Archive 2021: The Game of Silence

Yes, the end of the day of 2021! It’s time for a reflection. Similar to my other blogs, this is only to provide another archive for this year.

There is nothing much; we are just lucky enough to be alive despite threats of the COVID-19 that has been transformed to be Delta and Omicron variants. Vaccines have been done, but it seems impossible to be back to normal; in other words, trying to enjoy the new normal.

Alright, I do not want to talk more about COVID-19 in this article. Instead, I will just begin to reflect on my behavioral changes, followed by a small achievement to be grateful for.

This year is the year of silence. I prefer not to post anything I do on social media, especially about personal matters, such as where I hang out, what I have done per day, what I eat, etc. That’s too much! Maybe I am growing old, but yeah, I can feel a peaceful life without expecting any comments from anyone or even being hated by jealous individuals who constantly point out your problems. Yup, I posted once, “Anything you post online will be a public consumption, positive and negative feedback will be right there, and it depends on how you react.” So perhaps, this year, I don’t want to post anything, unless about the articles or anything related to academic perspectives. That’s it!

Secondly, I probably get bored right now writing articles, doing research, and publishing works in Scopus and Web of Science. I need other challenges. Yeah, my dream is not to be a Professor; I don’t need that. I just need to be a businessman who enjoys life, working peacefully. A PhD businessman sounds good, isn’t it? Working on papers is just for my side jobs.

But, yeah, I just need to be appreciated academically, not because of how much money I have or how handsome I am, haha… not like that. I want people to know me from my academic pieces of works. Yup, according to Scopus, 17 articles were recorded this year, plus one book in Springer for entertainment.

In the meantime, I will just keep doing what I am doing with Chula C2F until the contract is completed, then prepare for the new year kind of works. Importantly, keep playing football or futsal every day, haha.


Continue to play the game of silence, unfollow toxic people, and focus!

Thank you, 2021, and welcome 2022 with another form of Omicron!

Stay safe, everyone!



Dr. Joko Gunawan

Bangkok, 31 December 2021