Archive 2020: The Year of BNJ

Without any doubt, this year has taught us many lessons. We can’t even prevent the attack from the invisible virus (COVID-19) regardless of how strong we are, how great we build the muscles, how much we have money, how handsome or pretty we look, and how smart our brain is. Therefore, we can’t be arrogant on this earth; otherwise, we should be humble, be grateful, and prepare for death meeting the Creator.

Of course, this pandemic leads to negative consequences, although some perceive this in positive ways. Negatively, we can’t travel and stay quarantined for some time, which leads to psychosocial problems – stress, anxiety, worry, fear, paranoia, depression, and other issues. In the economic aspect, many people lost their jobs. Poor people are struggling more to survive. Sure, there are many other negative aspects that I could not describe here.

Positively, some people describe this condition is much better in terms of the environment, with a lack of pollution and reduced traffic jam. Many people spend more time with family at home. Besides, each of us is forced to learn something, especially for those unfamiliar with the technology. They are demanded to have e-learning, virtual teaching, e-commerce, and other things related to the Internet.

As I am working remotely everywhere, as long as a laptop is with me, I will be fine. Online jobs I do for seven years has not yet been affected by the virus. Only I could not travel for field study data collection. Again, we just need to be grateful for what we have today. At least we are still alive.

I consider this year is the year of the Belitung Nursing Journal (BNJ). The journal that I develop by myself since 2015. A single ambitious fighter who has a dream to build an International Journal recognized by everyone globally. The name of “Belitung” has always become an issue for everyone where I live, especially in Indonesia. They think that Belitung journal is too local, not for international scope. I mostly close my ears and prove them wrong. In fact, this year, BNJ has been indexed in Web of Science and Scopus. The biggest scientific databases in the world. If you are an academician, indeed, you are familiar with this. It’s not easy to be indexed by them. So, BNJ is the first nursing journal in Indonesia indexed in both databases. Alhamdulillah! Again, we just need to believe in ourselves. Although we are from a small island, our brain remains the same.

Unfortunately, I can only publish 15 scientific articles this year in 13 different international journals (sarcastically stated). My desire to contribute to science is still the same. As I have my own scientific International journal today, definitely I could publish my idea at any time. Besides, I have a chance to work together with the Living Legend (Prof. Jean Watson) this year. What can I say? Alhamdulillah!

Currently, I am still in Bangkok. I hope the condition will be better soon, so I may explore another part of the world. Sure, I also keep searching for my life partner. I plan to have only a one-time marriage, so I need to choose the best-fit lady. The one that I will see when I wake up and close my eyes every day. Keep in your mind! Although I am not yet married, I still completely like ladies or girls, with a significant level of <.0001.

Last but not least. Let’s keep life balance and trust the process. Don’t rely on anyone too much and believe in yourself. Bismillah! 2021…

For those infected with COVID-19, I pray for your speedy recovery. For those who are still struggling to feed their families, I wish you enough. Hoping you always in good health! Aameen…

Pray for our parents who made us born in this world.

Salam Chayen,

Bangkok, 31 December 2020

Joko Gunawan