Archive 2023: ‘Steady Progress’

Everything remains stable so far. I continue to hold a position in the Top 2% of Scientists this year, and the Belitung Nursing Journal, the journal I fully manage, is steadily growing. I am not going to talk about myself too much, as pursuing a professorship isn’t my focus. To emphasize, I am doing research because I love it as my passion for knowledge pursuit, not to chase the position of being a professor. So, there is nothing to worry about in my career.

2023 has brought fantastic progress to Belitung Nursing Journal (BNJ), the journal born on a small island, which just received the first impact factor from Clarivate Analytics. Those who are in academia really understand the feeling. Besides, BNJ is also indexed/archived in PubMed Central / PubMed. I can’t say more words to describe it. Hey, it’s PubMed, don’t you see? Hehe…

But it doesn’t end there. As of October 2023, BNJ is also indexed in CINAHL and other EBSCO products (like Medline Complete), premier resources for nursing and allied health research. Oh, man!

You simply cannot describe how I feel seeing this journal grow and carry the name of Belitung to the world.

Besides, the Journal of Healthcare Administration (JOHA) is a son of BNJ and is now under evaluation by Scopus and Web of Science as well. Will it follow in its mother’s footsteps? Well, let’s wait and see.

Most importantly, we’re all in good health until today. Alhamdulillah… Right now, I’m really embracing the Thai concept of “sabai-sabai,” meaning a relaxed, unhurried approach—no need to compete with anyone. And for those who read this archive, please don’t compete with me! There is no need to observe what I am doing or be a satellite to keep watching every single move on social media. I am just one person, not a group of strong people in the world. 555

Our goal is different. If I have so many publications, so be it. I was passionate about publications during my PhD, but now I’m more focused on quality than quantity. My sense of competition is diminishing, and my sense of purpose is becoming clearer. A couple of years ago, when the requirement was only for one paper, I ended up publishing 5 or 6 papers per year. Now, I just stick to meeting the requirements. That’s all!

If I have my own journals or publishers, that’s how it is. I’ve been building them since 2015, facing all the challenges without taking any shortcuts! Jealous? That’s normal. But, compete healthily and enjoy the process. That’s a real man! Please do not copy-paste every move or every content of the journal website for an easy process. Come on!!!

And, if we are always looking for someone’s weaknesses, that’s how poor life is gonna be. Move on, man! We have our own path and be happy! Remember, we were born alone and will die alone. Here’s hoping we all have fantastic years ahead. Thanks, 2023! Enjoy the life, my man!

This archive was written while drinking “nom sod chao kuai.”

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