Why do compete each other?


This question was asked by my friend last week. He was wondering why we compete each other because he knows we have been together in Chayen for months. Let me tell you from here.

Being competitive doesn’t always mean negative. In fact, it is the real way to get motivated. Since 6 months ago, Mr. Adhan and I have the same orientation, being paper-oriented men as a choice. In this competition, we always share everything, especially the information about journals indexed by Scopus, Doaj, Crossref, Google Scholar, etc. We also learn each other how to submit paper into journals. It is possible we maybe a journal publisher later. Not only about journals actually, but about job and the future as well.

One other thing that you need to underline here, although we compete each other, it doesn’t mean we try to make someone down, We help each other. There is no such an intention to make someone stop trying.

Why I say that it is the way to get motivated? Here, when we sit in the hot chair in Chayen Time, we begin the conversation with the picture of our journal submission (Sure we already have something in mind before start discussion), those who are paper oriented surely will be jealous much and will start writing when going back home. So, our target is submitting one paper per month. Do you think it is possible?

Our craziness about paper is not just coming like that to our brain. We firstly discuss about the obligation of educators, consisting of education, dedication, and the last one that educators always forget is about research and publication, especially in the publication part.

From there, we realize that it is not appropriate as academician if we just talk on facebook or blog, we want our thoughts can be heard by everyone in the world. However, academic people never ask about your facebook, they ask about your publication. Furthermore, in this technology era, people are lazy to ask, they prefer to search your information by google, and you should be there actually with your publication based on your expertise. So, people will not see you in one eye.

So, we get many benefits of being competitive. Until today we motivate each other to keep writing and explore the idea. If i could describe our competition, it is like the competition between Rossi and Marques in MotoGP.lol.. However, the one who have more benefit is me, my self, because I learn a lot from senior.

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