What is your contribution for nursing in Indonesia?

What is your contribution for Indonesian nurses? that was the question from someone when talking to me in one of the middle of the nights in few months ago. Well, it is a very difficult question and I did not know how to answer that

Before I answer that question, I might ask my self first. Who am I? I am only a young nurse who doesn’t have more experiences compared to senior nurses who know everything about the context of nurses in Indonesia. I could say that I have no contribution at all

Second, I am not a type of person who is going to the street to scream loudly to promote nursing (enough for me to have a kind of this experience when becoming a chairman of senator in my academy). I am rather to explain the context of nurses in Indonesia, analyse the situation, find the solution, and end up with publication in International Journal. It might invite the global eyes in the world to see what happens actually and it may lead to the process of change. Furthermore, I always invite my nursing friends to write papers and submit to journal. So, your idea, opinion, and critic could be heard by all people in this world

Third, I am a young man trying to pursue a higher education in order to understand nursing comprehensively. So, I will be ready to discuss, explain, and convince every health professionals that nursing is a very good profession. Just imagine the world without nurse. However, it’s not enough by just saying that statement. We need to show what we got before talking too much. You might see my picture when trying to share Indonesia health care system and nursing context in front of physicians in Bangkok, Thailand

Fourth, I have been trying to connect nursing schools in Indonesia with my faculty that I am studying now. So, it might be the way for Indonesian nurse to pursue a higher education. We might not realize the important of education by now. We could see that most of nurses in Indonesia fulfilled by diploma nurses, which is different from Thailand that Bachelor degree is a basic of nurse education. However, if we can upgrade our nursing education to bachelor level, ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement is on the right before the eyes that wait for us to learn, share, work, and collaborate each other among ASEAN member countries

These are only few things I can do by now, hopefully I can answer your question. Just wait until I finish my education

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