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About 2 months ago, I went home to Belitung to meet my family and celebrate Idul Fitri together with all my friends in there. It seemed that all the memories back to my head and all of them were beautiful to remember. There were so many warm greetings from all people in there when seeing me growing up and walking as a gentleman, and challenge me to build my home town as the son of the town.

Well, it was my homework to initiate something to make any benefits for others. However, it’s not me if i can’t make something in there, because that’s my town. hehe

Collaborating with Indonesian Nurses Association in Belitung, Indonesia and Academy of Nursing of Belitung was the good deal to make a small step. We, together, conducted seminar for nurses entitled “Lessons Learned from Thailand to Belitung Indonesia”

It was an honor for me to share my knowledge to all of nurses in Belitung. I addressed the issue of ASEAN Economic Community on Nursing, Nursing Competency, etc. and the main point was I can motivate them to study overseas, not only in Belitung.

What I emphasise in there actually about the existence of nursing because if not nurses to develop nursing, who else? it is impossible if medical doctor can do this

During my presentation, there was a question about “why do nurses need to continue higher education such as bachelor level, in fact we still keep working with someone else after that?”. That was a challenge question for me to answer

Well, here I might provide the reason why we need to upgrade our education.
Firstly, knowledge is changing all the time, if we do not study, we will be left behind. To find the knowledge, you need to upgrade your education.
Secondly, if you want to see the global world and open your eyes, one of the ways is through education, then you will realize how very stupid we are comparing with others in other city/country. We are just too confidence to say that our knowledge has been enough already
Thirdly, If you want to take an opportunity in ASEAN Economic Community, then bachelor level of nurse is required, if not, we will just be a spectator when seeing many foreign nurses come to our country later
Fourthly, We are nurses are demanded to be professional to give better nursing care, and based on Nursing Law No 38 Year 2014, the first degree of professional nurses is bachelor nurse, and diploma nurse is technical nurse. If we keep staying with this degree, I am not sure we can delete the image of the Assistant of Medical doctor

By saying all of these reasons, I do not underestimate the skill of Diploma nurses at all. I am saying that because I care of us. Beside, I know sometimes diploma nurses are better than bachelor nurses, in terms of skill. However, to be recognized as a professional nurse, skill is not enough. But we need competency that consists of Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude. On the other hand, to get that recognition, at least we need to be the same with other nurses in the world that their basic education is bachelor level. So, the interprofessional collaboration can be enhanced.

We are Indonesian nurses are GREAT, we just need a small step ahead to be Professional. And I am sure we can do this together, and another thing we do with Indonesian Nurses Association in Belitung and Nursing Academy Belitung now is conducting research to provide more information and intervention for better nursing.

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