Redesigning the Nursing and Human Resource Partnership: A Model for the New Normal Era

There is no doubt that the demand for nurses has been great during or post COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses have become the heroes in the battle of the virus, and their hard works are meant to be appreciated. Yet, burnout, stress, and depression among nurses have become the main issues during the pandemic. Some nurses leave their jobs and profession due to the excessive and under-pressure works. This crisis puts a new focus on human resource management in hospital administration to retain their nurses, but, at the same time, the quality of care should be improved.

This book specifically focuses on the barriers and challenges in the process of competence-based recruitment and selection, training and development, rewards and benefits, performance appraisal, career plan- ning and development, and succession planning of nurses in the hospitals, specifically to face the new normal era. This book also offers recommendations to resolve the barriers and challenges of competence-based human resource management by emphasizing the partnership between nursing and human recourses to influence nurse practice and human resource policy positively.

This book is not only important for nursing faculty, students in administration, human resource students, but also practicing nursing administrators who want to help transform nursing human resource practices, to help retain valuable nurses and to better provide career paths for nurses.

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Suggested citation: Aungsuroch, Y., Gunawan, J., & Fisher, M. L. (2022). Redesigning the Nursing and Human Resource Partnership: A Model for New Normal Era. London: Palgrave Macmillan Springer Nature.

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