Choosing Your Path: Professor or Journal Editor?

When it comes to kickstarting a career, the academic and publishing worlds offer two intriguing avenues: becoming a professor or a journal editor. Each path has its own advantages, tailored to various interests and objectives.

The Professor’s Journey: Exploring and Educating

Becoming a professor is a common aspiration for many graduates. It is like embarking on a journey of exploration. It’s about diving deep into research, uncovering new knowledge, and contributing to your chosen field. Professors also have the chance to share their wisdom by teaching and guiding students, creating a ripple effect of learning. The academic community becomes a second home, with opportunities to collaborate, attend conferences, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. For those seeking stability and autonomy, the tenure track offers a safety net while allowing you to push boundaries. As you climb the ranks from assistant to full professor, you gain influence and recognition through publications, presentations, and leadership roles.

The Editor’s Path: Shaping Scholarly Conversations

On the flip side, being a journal editor is all about molding the conversation in academia. You curate and elevate impactful research, playing a vital role in steering the direction of scholarly discussions. With each manuscript that crosses your desk, you’re exposed to a wide array of topics and authors, keeping you at the forefront of developments in your field. Networking becomes second nature as you build relationships with authors, reviewers, and colleagues. Your editorial skills get honed as you assess, communicate, and make decisions that shape the narrative of research. Plus, many editorial roles offer flexibility, allowing you to work remotely and adapt your schedule to your needs.

Your Unique Path: Blending Passion and Pragmatism

Choosing between a professorship and an editorial role is deeply personal. It hinges on what fires up your passion and aligns with your career dreams. Professors thrive on research, teaching, and mentoring, while journal editors revel in steering the scholarly ship and connecting with various minds. Some even find a way to blend both roles, forging a unique career path that suits them perfectly.

In the grand scheme, whether you are mentoring aspiring scholars or shaping research discussions as an editor, both paths play a big role in advancing knowledge and the fields themselves. The choice is yours – professor or journal editor?

This article was written by a novice editor by the riverside, accompanied by hip-hop music and a cup of black coffee, chronicling the journey of transforming a small journal into a globally acknowledged entity. No need to debate, a professor or ‘who wants to be a professor’ will absolutely have another perspective on this particular topic.

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