From Zero to Class

It’s still hard to believe that I’ve managed to lead the Belitung Nursing Journal to be indexed in major scientific databases like Scopus, Web of Science, and PubMed/PMC. While many Indonesian journals are indexed in Scopus, getting into Web of Science and PubMed is quite an accomplishment and requires significant effort.

This journal began from scratch, fueled by the ambitious vision of one man from Belitung who wanted to create something of global significance.

Guided by my supervisors, Dr. Yupin and Prof. Fisher, I slowly developed the journal during my educational journey in Bangkok city, extending connections to scientists far and wide to introduce and promote our work. The process was far from easy, as numerous obstacles threatened to bring the dream crashing down, much like a tall building facing strong winds. However, dedication and commitment kept us going, even when other journals faltered just before takeoff—special thanks to the editorial team for their invaluable contribution.

Now that we’ve reached the top range, maintaining our position presents new challenges. As an editor and journal manager, I’m constantly approached by friends, colleagues, and students seeking shortcuts and ways to bypass rules for faster publication. Balancing kindness with professionalism becomes a delicate task, as helping one often stirs jealousy in others who desire the same favor. So, “forget about kindness! Be professional”, that’s my supervisor told me.

Moreover, the allure of substantial author fees can tempt editors to compromise on article quality, and this issue persists among editors worldwide.

Reflecting on this journey, I remind myself to stay strong and on the right track. Upholding the integrity of the journal and maintaining a focus on excellence must remain at the forefront of our mission.

Next target: Q1 and high impact factor

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