Writing tips: “Sabai-sabai, mai tong kit maak!”

Many people have lots of advice on how to write, but most never actually start. If you look at a picture, you’ll see that most of the time is spent thinking about writing, then making it look nice, and finally, the actual writing. The problem is that many people get stuck just thinking about writing and never even open their laptops to start typing. Why does this happen?

This happens because many people tend to overthink the writing process. They worry about getting everything perfect, from the formatting to the content itself. This fear of not doing it perfectly can be paralyzing, making it hard to take that first step.

But here’s the thing: writing doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. In fact, it rarely is. The key is to simply begin writing, even if it’s messy at first. You can always revise and make it look beautiful later. The important part is getting your ideas down on paper or on the screen.

So, if you find yourself stuck in the cycle of overthinking and not starting, remember that it’s okay to have a rough draft. Don’t let the fear of imperfection hold you back. Just start writing, and you’ll be on your way to making progress.

When you’re working on a research or review article, begin by writing the methods section first. Describe in detail what you did for your research. This way, you’ll quickly finish writing this part in less than 10 minutes. After that, you can move on to the results and discussion sections.

Practice makes perfect. The difference between a beginner and an advanced writer is simply the amount of experience. In Indonesian language, it says, “alah bisa karena biasa. Hanya beda jam terbang saja itu.”

Mai tong kit maaak (don’t think too much), just Start!!! Right Now!!! Prime NOWWW!


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