Want to be a nurse in Indonesia, think again!

I was explaining in this video to address that the majority of nurses or nurse’ candidates are hypnotized by being a civil servant as the first target. They were told by time to time that being a government employee can guarantee their life in a good way. That’s probably true. However, as the man of the next generation, here I tell the fact.

Seen from the fact that approximately 30,000 nurses produced per year or may be more from 733 nursing schools in 2014 (AIPNI-AINEC 2015), and surely they are expected to fulfil the need of society to improve their health conditions. However, the total absorptive capacity by public and private health sector still remains low, which are able to absorb 6,000 nurses per year (Gunawan and Aungsuroch 2015). So can you imagine how many nurses do not get the right place to work or uncertain placement. Some are working as a volunteer; some just are being paid with 30-50 bucks per month. That’s unbelievable truth.

In addition, today, there is a recruitment of being a government employee in all region of Indonesia. But yeah, it depends on the formation of the hospitals and related institutions. If they need nurses, they will recruit more. Of course they need nurses, don’t you think? But the fact, in one hospital only accepts 1-5 nurses (those who hold diploma degree). Can you see? From 500 nurses who apply, then only 5 nurses will be accepted (An example from one of hospitals in Belitong). This is more than a competition to get scholarship overseas.

In this video I address two solutions. First, go overseas! There are more than 10,000 nurses are needed to fill the need in the world. Today, Indian and Filipino nurses are the majority to take those opportunities. Let’s advance your English!!. Second, open your Independent nursing practice. As it has been approved by nursing act, then we are all Indonesian nurses deserve to do that. Some nurses have just started and appreciate that.

If you think that you still expect being a government employee as the only chance you have, then you may need to think again. And for the new generation, if you want to be a nurse in our beloved country, think carefully!!.. think the chance you have and consider the two solutions I provide. Of course being a nurse is perfect, good for your family and here after. But rationally, you still need money to feed your family. Consider you spend 24 hours a day to work and you are just getting 30 bucks per month. That’s insane, isn’t it!

I am just surprised seeing the video I posted on Youtube has been viewed for more than 40K times. It probably is because of the title. But yeah give me feedback after you watch the whole video. Sorry only in Bahasa Indonesia.



Salam Chayen, Salam Manis, Salam Terbaik.

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