Writing a research methodology [Not enough only in one paragraph]

Although I have presented in YouTube or some webinars about writing a “methodology/methods/materials” in the main text of an article using a reporting guideline, or I have asked the authors to read the guideline carefully; still, there are many authors who just ignore it. Well, sure, not until five seconds, I will just reject it easily.

You can see the examples below. How could we adjust a research article if the authors presented their research methods in only one paragraph? For me, I will directly see whether the methods are appropriate or not; either it is described in detail or not, or makes sense or not.

Writing the method section should be structured. The authors should be able to describe thoroughly. If it is a quantitative study, study design, sample, instrument, “intervention,” data collection, data analysis, ethical consideration should be really clear.

No, don’t say publishing an article is difficult if we are unable to read and follow the guideline. Many are rejected in the initial phase of the publishing process, mainly by the assistant editor, because of failure to follow the guideline.

Please consider this blog only as a gentle reminder, either for you or for me myself.

I talked about this in my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky7377XgTAg)

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