Just a bit busy these couple weeks dealing with some projects that need to be accomplished as soon as possible. But yeah, I really enjoy it. I am the one who really like to be busy, creating some products and innovations. Even if I want to visit other countries, I need to have at least academic purposes in that visitation. Beside, my fingers are fast enough to accelerate with my imagination.

After 5 hours non-stop today in front of my girl (laptop), then I went to have breakfast in canteen of chulalongkorn university, 5 minutes from my place. Suddenly I was just thinking about my old friend, and I smile remembering what we had done when we were in junior-senior high school. He is Subrata, I call him Tata. He lived not far from my granma house in Belitung. We liked to spend the time together to hang out, play football, playstation, carambol (don’t know how to say in English), and play hadra (Muslim culture).

The thing that made me smile today was his confidence. I learned a lot from him about it, especially to talk with other people (girls I mean). Tata, with some respects, I can say his face doesn’t look handsome enough to address the girls. But yeah he is the MAN. In Belitung, long time ago, we had a habit to ride motorbike around the city in the evening, 4-5pm, just to hunt some targets at least we can find new people to chat with. And this man made me crazy and embarrassed some times. When we were riding the bike, and he was just easily to say hi to some girls, and I just closed my helmet. We’ve been rejected by many girls although we had some to accept us for being friends.

The way he talked is so funny, like the one who knows each other for long time, especially when he chatted in mobile phone, such a professional, huh! But when he met the girl he chatted with, the girl just went away with no single word. Hahaha

Gradually, with three or four years we had been together, I could possibly absorb his confidence and applied in the reality sometimes. Hehe

Another thing that I like from him is his loyalty with friend. I could say that he is the loyal friend that I ever had. He is an amateur mechanic that I always asked him to fix my motorbike. Why I said loyal because he liked to accompany me wherever I went. And I got an experience when I visited someone in Damar (the name of village), my motorbike was broken in the middle of jungle at 11 pm. Could you imagine it? Dang!! Then directly I called him when he was sleep, and I asked him to pick me up, then he did it.

I don’t know where he is now, the last time I saw him that he married already and got one daughter. I wish he always had a good life.


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