Sharing knowledge in the Academy of Nursing of Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia


I never stopped saying “thanks to God” for giving me a good health and good chance to absorb much knowledge in this life, the opportunity to learn many things and think for the best of future. However, this knowledge will be nothing if we don’t share to others.

I am not an expert yet to teach everyone about my professional discipline (nursing). I am just able to share the knowledge i got since i study in Thailand about nursing.

Today, we are going to face ASEAN Economic Community. Indonesia as a part of the ASEAN member countries needs to prepare their nurses in order to be competitive among nurses from other countries. One of the institutions in Indonesia, Academy of Nursing of Pangkal Pinang, awares about this issue and initiates to gain the knowledge for their nursing students to open the eyes and see the glance of the global world of nursing.

Here, I was just invited to be a guest lecturer on 20 November 2015 in this academy. What a very great opportunity to share and motivate others to study overseas actually.

What made me feel great was the moment when i met the director of this academy. He has a very strong vision to bring this academy to the global. Today he gives scholarships for 6 lecturers in this school to pursue master degree, and he said maybe next time the other lecturers here might join me in Chulalongkorn University, and I said it’s a great welcome and I am willing to help.

During my presentation, i could see the enthusiasm of the students to learn from me, listening carefully what i told them. I explained to them about what we need to prepare in ASEAN Economic Community, and tips and trick to study abroad

On the other hand, i always believe that the nurses of Indonesia are great and can compete others. I put the strongest point that this profession is bringing the good health of society in Indonesia

The last, I would like to say thank you so much for this academy for inviting me, for a great welcome and hospitality. This city however is the same province with my home town (Belitung) but different island. This event is a part of what i do today for building my country. Keep communication for another cooperation

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