Nursesʼ Technological Competency in Research and Scientific Publication

Been so lucky to be invited as a plenary speaker among great and famous speakers at the 4TH International Conference on Technological Competency as Caring in Nursing and Health Sciences 2022, attended by more than 1000 participants worldwide. The abstract of my talk can be seen below:


The development and advancement in the use of technology in healthcare directly impact nursing, the nursing profession, and, obviously, nursing education. Nurses are key in introducing, creating, implementing, and using technology in clinical and academic practices. This article will specifically explain the importance of technological competencies for nurses and nursing students in publication. Phenomena related to information literacy (open science, ‘predatory’/ hijacked/ cloned/ red flag journals, citation cartels, and publication ethics) will be discussed first, then followed by computer competency (nursing informatics specialty), with several options to set up a new journal. Next, the pros and cons related to the development of academic publishing will be explained for consideration. Finally, it is humbly to note, “if not nurses establish nursing journals, who else?

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