Current Mental Health Issues in the Era of Covid-19

It is undeniable that coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) has a tremendous impact on everyone’s life around the world. This letter prompts a discussion about mental health issues that we may face today, tomorrow and beyond.

First, it is related to lockdown and quarantine policies with tags “stay-at-home”, “work-from-home”, or “work-at-home”, and “social and physical distancing”. These policies are necessary to decrease incidence rates of covid-19, but they remain challenging with added difficulties. Many people are unable to stay at home because the space is relatively small; in other cases, people with busy lives to earn daily money to keep family alive are now stuck at home and begging for supports. People with extroversion trait will have their mood drained due to lack of interaction with other humans, and other problems are also raised related to disrupted daily activities, exercises, programs, and businesses. A long-time quarantine however will be a nightmare, which consequently lead to stress, anxiety, frustration, boredom, and depression, and even suicidal idea and attempts.

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Suggested citation: Gunawan, J., Juthamanee, S., & Aungsuroch, Y. (2020). Current Mental Health Issues in the Era of Covid-19. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 51, 102103. [Free Download]

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