I always feel happy when being challenged. When the teachers asked me to complete the assignments for two weeks, then I finished in two days; when the teachers asked to prepare one proposal, I prepared three proposals; when I was asked to answer the questions with 5 examples, then I answer all with almost the whole book at the exam; when the teachers asked me to make papers for assignments, then I made papers for publications. It sounds crazy, isn’t it!

This habit is always with me since I was in elementary school. When I was challenged, then I am pretty sure I could do it.

There was a moment in 2014 when I was undertaking Master Degree in Faculty of Nursing Chulalongkorn University Thailand. We were assigned by the lecturer to conduct the International Seminar in Nursing Management Course. But because we were only 3 persons at that time, my friends refused to do that, simply because it was impossible to conduct seminar by only 3 persons. So, the options were 1) we conducted seminar by 3 persons, or 2) joined Thai students to conduct seminar in Thai language (because they were in Thai program).

My ability was challenged during that time, when two of my friends rejected to join, then I had to run it alone. Luckily, I had so many Indonesian friends with me, as I was a part of Indonesian student’s Association. With Doni, Yoski, and Komandan Acchank, then it was a complete group to conduct the seminar we wanted, supported by Kak Nazli and friends from another side of Bangkok.

I though it was just a small seminar with small group of people. But of course not, when Acchank and I met the Educational Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Yunardi Yusuf, then it became bigger and bigger, began with MoU between the Faculty of Nursing Chulalongkorn University and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for the Kingdom of Thailand. It’s definitely beyond my expectation.

At that time, I was learning how to make a seminar proposal, a website by my own design, any kind of logos with Photoshop, invitation letters for speakers and many new skills I learned as well from the executive secretary, Doni Marisi Sinaga, and also the key person of Pamuko Aditya. And of course learning how to lead people as the hardest part. (It’s not easy to give my job to the others)

I didn’t sleep for two days to complete the mission, it’s simply because I need to show my best effort, commitment and the best ability.

Finally, we did it! On 15 February 2014 as my best first even with the title “Nurse preparation towards Asean Economic Community 2015: Perspectives and Challenges”. It’s all paid off! Thanks to all my friends who really helped me during that time.

Because of this event, the collaboration with my advisor, Dr. Yupin Aungsuroch, began, with  two more conferences and research projects at the following years.

Again, I still don’t change. Papers and reports that should be finished for two weeks, I completed in 2 days. Sometimes, I was thinking whether it’s good or not to work faster.

And I really didn’t care about how much money I got from the times and efforts I spent. I just want people to believe in me first and create a good image with high commitment. I will always try my best. Sure, money will come after when you done your best works.

With this commitment, I have been involved in many projects under my advisor in ten ASEAN countries, visiting UK and now I am in another part of the world, in Gainesville Florida. And I still don’t know how to thank Chulalongkorn university, especially my advisor.

As the Man from Belitung Island, I will try to take any kind of knowledge from here to create another good story in my life. And wish me luck!



22 October 2018


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