Most Ph.D. students (don’t forget to include me here) feel worried, confused, “ngong”, headache at some point about how long it’s going to take to finish their research, write a dissertation, and defend it successfully so they can finally move on. The majority will manage to get it all done within a reasonable amount of time, but many others, including myself still struggle for several months, or even years, only to finally finish after much, much too long. Many others even quit in frustration along the way.

However, I am demanded to enjoy the process, like or dislike I have no choice. There is no way back. I may sometimes imagine having the sands of time, which is belong to the Prince of Persia that can turn back the time. haha

But I can see the difference when I study in bachelor, master, and doctoral degree. When I was in undergraduate or master, I just accepted every teacher’s comments, like swallowing it without being analyzed. I didn’t let my brain works hard. Just thought that they are the right source of knowledge. However, when I am in PhD program, I don’t even believe anyone. Teachers might direct me to do the right things that I really appreciate it, but it doesn’t mean they are right because they are just human beings.

Human knowledge isn’t perfect. We recognize that the tools for testing knowledge—the human senses and human reason—are fallible, thus rendering tentative all our knowledge and scientific conclusions about the nature. What’s true for our scientific conclusions is even more so for our moral choices and social policies.

To say the least, not everyone knows everything, even the teacher, not even everything that in principle is knowable. Individual instances of knowledge come to individual people at individual times, remaining in place for varying — individual — lengths of time.

So don’t assume they are right. Just let your brain analysis everything by evidence.

Good luck with your PhD (Self motivation)

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