Jo, do you have a girl friend?

“Jo, Do you have a girl friend?” asked my friends.

“Of course I do, How could a handsome man like me don’t have a gf”, I gave them the answer with full confidence. Haha

They just don’t know I’ve just been spending my life with my laptop and all about papers and dissertation.

Well, being a PhD is not easy. It’s not just being smart, doing any kind of analyses, talking some theories or philosophies underpinning the way of your thoughts. Here I need to learn how to be a mature man, which needs hard efforts while my body is filled by young blood with full ambitions to make all of things running faster and better. Easy to be temper, disappointed, and even mixed together. Here also I need to be patient in dealing with some confusing papers, accepting many critics around me, or even just talking with friends that often ask “How’s your dissertation? And which year of your PhD right now?”… what? Can you ask any other questions? Like…..(I don’t know)

Undertaking PhD in my faculty requires coursework for 1 year (two semesters) and research for 2 years. It might be okay if we can pass the qualified exam in the third semester… but wait, it’s rare to find those who can pass the exam at the first time, and the same situation with your proposal. You are lucky enough if you can pass the proposal defense at one time. And I never heard the one who can complete PhD in 3 years here, while we also need a manuscript published in International journal indexed by Scopus/ISI, which is waiting for at least 6 months waiting or more than that. And again, it still needs your luck for 6 months to be accepted or rejected. It’s like an empty hope. Therefore we need to make at least 2 papers of original research as a backup plan.

The rhythm of your feeling might be changed during the study. Trust me, it’s real. You might state so many motivation statements when you are in the top. But when you face some problems, let see what kind of words are gonna come out… yeah for instance, like the case of om Mario Teguh today… that I can learn from him.

Turning back to my GF, sure I will choose the best one when I complete this horrible situation “PhD”. I will choose the one who can talk to me critically and philosophically (aw… is it high inclusion criteria). Now I am in the phase of selection the samples using stratified random sampling. Haha

Wish me luck with my dissertation brothers and sisters.. I will enjoy every process to be a crazy and smart PhD, like my Ajarn said, “to finish the degree is easy, but you need to think what you want to be in the future, you have to a great leader with the title behind your name”… wait, wait, wait… To finish the degree is easy? Who said that? Hahaha all of things in PhD are not easy at all.

Okay that’s all for today’s sharing.

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