As a master student, I had a class for conducting seminar. Unfortunately during that time, there were only 3 students in my class, which was impossible to conduct the seminar. Two of my friends also got disappointed to imagine how to make it happens. But, I didn’t want to loose hope. I got my friends here in Bangkok, I have Indonesian Student Association (PERMITHA) to help me. I still remember the first friend i knew when I arrived here in Bangkok, Mr. Hasanuddin Nuru who also has the same major with me, and also the President of PERMITHA in that time. He told me how to conduct the seminar and made it sounds. I also got Doni, Yoski, Pam, Mbak Tantri, Mbak Tita, Alm. bang Sopian and other friends who were standby waiting for my command. How great friends, huh!

Then I told my Advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yupin Aungsuroch about this seminar and i got full support from the faculty under the theme “Nurse Preparation towards ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Perspectives and Challenges”

Hasan was also a facilitator of me to have a support from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok because it was not my class seminar anymore, but Faculty of Nursing Chulalongkorn University’s seminar in collaboration with PERMITHA, and supported by Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

Honestly, this was one of my great experiences when i stay in Bangkok. From here, i learned to make International seminar, and from this seminar also, I learned to manage people, negotiate, communicate in a good way, manage financial matter, including to make website

Finally, we made it with full of smiles, everyone’s happy and I felt great although I didn’t close my eyes for 3 days. hehe

We still keep that collaboration until we make the International conference (call for paper) 5 months after this seminar, and Joint Conference with Gajah Mada University in 2015

I am lucky to have a great advisor and surely great friends around me, and I wish they will be great in the future

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