Supreme Health Care Service in Indonesia: Sharing session

“Jo, would you like to be speaker in my college?” one of my classmates asked me. Just a bit surprise while looking at my ability as a student with no experiences, and directly I said “no, I couldn’t, who am I?” haha, but then she convinced me that I could do it. So, okay finally I accepted the invitation.

She wanted me to talk about Supreme Health Care Services in Indonesia, and I never heard about it, as I know it’s just about Home Care Services. But Yeah, I was right, the term of supreme is not well known in my country. Supreme healthcare services means a domiciliary care services that is registered to provide personal care to people in their own homes.

Okay, then day-by-day I tried to find the information as much as I could until the day I presented on 18 April 2016 in Thai Nursing Army College. Again, another surprise that the audiences were those having high position in Army, and I need to keep my head up and be confidence.

Fortunately, I could pass it, and they were all happy, and got some information. On that day, I presented the country profile of Indonesia, Nursing home care, Nursing Act, Kind of services in home care, and the most information that they would like to know was about Bekam (Traditional Cupping Therapy). I didn’t forget also to explain about how to take care Muslim patients.

Oh, it’s such a wonderful day, look forward to gaining more knowledge, and sharing to others.


11 August 2016

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